Truth Project

Truth Project


The Truth Project wants to understand how organisations have failed to protect children from sexual abuse.

It might be that you were sexually abused by someone in an organisation, such as a church, or when you were in care. Or you may have been abused at home, and let down by someone in authority who knew or should have known about the abuse, such as a social worker or a police officer.

By taking part in the Truth Project, you will help us make recommendations to the government and organisations on how to help protect children in the future.

We know it’s not easy to share experiences of child sexual abuse. If you feel it would be helpful, we can provide a dedicated support worker while you are involved with the Truth Project.

You are able to share your experience in a range of ways: Writing, phone, video call or meeting your support worker in person.

If you decide to share your experience, the Truth Project will ask for your consent to use it as part of their research and possibly to post an anonymous source. They never publish any personal details, so you will not be able to be identified.

How to Access this Service

By contacting them by either phone or email.

Alternatively, you can fill out their online form:

Write to them: Freepost IICSA Independent Inquiry. You do not need a stamp.


If you are deaf or hard of hearing and would like assistance, contact our service partners:

Their telephone line is open Weekdays 8am-10pm, Saturday 10am-12pm. Calls are free and do not show on your bill.

Organisation: Truth Project
Freepost IICSA Independent Inquiry (no stamp needed)
0800 917 1000

Who is it for?

Victims of Child Sexual Abuse.

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