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LevelUp UK


LevelUp is a new feminist organisation. Their mission is to build a community of feminists who can work together to end sexism in the UK. Our vision is a world where everyone is free to achieve their potential regardless of their gender.

A growing community of people working together to:
1.Change sexist rules, laws and behaviour
2.Support each other to challenge sexism in our own lives

LevelUp want the UK to be a place where all women and non-binary people are valued the same as men, whether it is at home, work or on the streets, and they are ready to roll up their sleeves and make change happen.

How to Access this Service

By phoning or emailing with the contact details below.


We want a membership from all walks of life. Our race, class, sexuality, gender identity and ability affect our experiences of sexism, we run campaigns that take that into account.

We want feminism to be easy to understand: Plenty of people care about gender equality who haven’t read lots of feminist theory or been involved in activism. Level Up is the place for them.

We want to have fun: Living with sexism can be tiring. We want to make campaigning as fun and enjoyable as possible and try not to take ourselves too seriously all the time.

Organisation: LevelUp UK
Level Up ActionPO Box 75836LondonE2 2FPUK
07922 899274

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