Life at No.27 is a social enterprise in Oxfordshire, built with passion at its core and designed to improve lives. The Life at No.27 mission is to connect with, believe in and empower people; transforming lives through the power of gardening and growing our own produce.

How to Access this Service

Email enquiries@lifeatno27.com or use the contact form on the website.


Life at No.27 understand that high levels of anxiety and a lack of confidence brought on by difficult or confusing experiences can be one of the highest hurdles to overcome. This can then begin a devastating spiral that can affect a person’s life potential on many levels. Sadly, mental health struggles are rising in children year on year and it is their aim to ensure that these individuals do not slip through the net, or end up disengaged from school and their wider network, which can have a devastating effect on their lives.

Life at No.27 provides a range of fun, long and short-term Wellbeing Programmes and Curriculum Enrichment Programmes. Suitable for individuals or groups within a nursery, school or home setting.

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